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26th January : Church Anniversary
March :Men’s Retreat
April:Lenten Retreat (Area Level / Pastorate Level)
May:Vacation Bible School
June:Youth Retreaty
July: Mission Festival
August:Women’s Retreat
September: St Andrew's Church 125th Year celebration 
October:Highway Ministries
November:Children Retreat
December :Christmas


The history of St. Andrew's church dates back to a century and more. Before we delve into the past of this church a brief sketch of Chengalpattu town would help us understand the growth and development of this church in Chengalpattu and also I would like to bring out the life sketches of the missionaries who pioneered in Chengalpattu mission field and how it contributed to changes in the lives of many including the less privileged and marginalized community.
Chengalpattu is a town and it had been the district headquarters until it was moved to kanchipuram. It still holds the district and session's court and the headquarters of the sub collector. Chengalpattu, a jagir of the estate was granted to the East India Company by the Nawab Mohammed Ali as the East India Company lent its support to Mohammed Ali against his rival Raja Chandasahib. This grant was made in 1760. The gross area of the Chengalpattu district was 474sq miles comprising 441 villages with the total population of 1,32,328 as per the census taken in 1871. Chengalpattu town is the kasba of the taluq. It lies on the trunk road south west of madras from which it is 57kms. It stands half a mile from the northern bank of the palar in between the space being occupied by a ridge of low hills.
Chengalpattu proper was an insignificant hamlet but the presence of officials and its central position made this a town. It had embraced Gundur on one side and fertile Natham on the other. Natham is still retained as a district village for revenue purposes.MORE

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